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Wymiennik / Kooperacja

A network of cooperation and exchange between institutions, NGO’s, informal groups and local businesses.

It is worth cooperation – this is a phrase, that probably nobody would deny. Cooperation based on agreed principles brings benefits to all parties. Only through cooperation it is possible to make large, complex projects, that are beyond the capabilities of a single person, organization or group. Nevertheless, Polish public, private and civic institutions are more likely to compete with each other, rather than make an effort to build relationships based on trust, cooperation and mutual benefit.


“Wymiennik / Kooperacja” is a project, which main objective is to change this state of things. Culture Shock Foundation invites Warsaw non-governmental organizations, institutions, informal groups, businesses and residents to create a network of multilateral exchange, that would break barriers inside and outside the sector. The axis of the project is a contractual currency, that allows everyone to support local initiatives, honor social work and share free resources by organizations on a reciprocal basis. Wymiennik / Kooperacja is a part of Wymiennik.org – Community Exchange System, which users (in less than three years) made more than 5,000 transactions without the use of money.

Brochure presenting the project in short.

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Currency of Wymiennik is in the form of points, which primary function is to measure the value of goods and services transferred by network users. Wymiennik works on a basis of an available free online platform, which also functions as an advertising service and register of transactions made by users. The site contains two types of ads: offers – declarations of willingness to transfer an object or provide someone with a service; and needs – requests for goods or services. In order to post an ad or a need, you should go to Wymiennik website and log in: www.wymiennik.org.

For institutional users Wymiennik can bring numerous benefits:

  • it provides access to unique, local resources – goods and services (previously unavailable because of barriers of demand or supply),
  • it allows to widen the group of recipients or customers,
  • it enables cooperation thanks to easy conjunction of resources of different institutions in order to realize common activities,
  • it places an institution deep in a local community, reduces the distance between an organization and recipients of actions,
  • it ensures material and personnel support, regardless of financial situation of an organization,
  • it promotes exchange of knowledge between users,
  • it allows use of the mechanism of reciprocity in relations with volunteers (raising motivation for a long-term engagement in social work),
  • in a longer term, use of Wymiennik increases reputation and trust in institutions benefiting from the system.

Partner in the project is Pracownia Dóbr Wspólnych.

The project is co-founded from resources of Civic Initiatives Fund Program.



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