Warszawa na Opak (Warsaw upside down)

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Warszawa na Opak (Warsaw upside down)

warszawa na opak plakat„Warszawa na Opak” was a project, which aimed at research reminding and reconstruction of the customs related to celebrating the carnival in Warsaw.

The universal theme of the carnival: “the world upside down”. We all want to escape from everyday life duties and enter a completely different reality, become someone else…

There are ways to turn the world upside down at certain times and place: the daily order can get suspended during the carnival!

However, the carnival customs in Warsaw nowadays got slightly forgotten. Gathering information, interviews and objects related to the Warsaw carnival, we tried to find out how it was celebrated before. We decided to approach the term of carnival more broadly and look for the phenomenon, which interrupts the order for a moment, and which consists of the elements such as costumes, words and masks: We’re discovering Warsaw upside down!

Pictures by Łukasz Echeński.

A short trailer of the film made during the project:

Film from the “Warszawa na Opak” final in Space on the Scarp, which took place on February 8th 2013. Film made by Radek Kowalik:

The project’s page on Facebook.

Project partners: The National Digital Archives, Warsaw Printing Museum – department of Museum of Warsaw, History Meeting House.

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