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Warsaw stories

320920_217728021621420_2024251620_nThis project was meant to improve in an art of conversation. During the workshops leaders and participants created various stories inspired by pieces of culture, literature, and real facts from the history of Warsaw and Poland; stories that were told by a worker from the History Meeting House.

The workshops lasted from September until December 2011 and ended with placing part of the stories created by participants on the project’s website. Participants of the workshop were children and youth from unfavorable environment. During the workshop, participants had an opportunity to stimulate their creativity, imagination, spontaneity and improvisation skills. They learned how to create and lead narrations.

Also the aim of the project was to integrate participants, stimulate them to social activity and increase their communication skills (overcoming barriers in daily contact, building self-confidence).

As a result of these activities original stories were created by participants.

We invite you to look through materials concerning the project (available only in Polish).

Methodical documentation: doc  pdf  odt
Stories by participants of the project: doc  pdf  odt

We also encourage you to read articles about the project on ngo.pl portal and website of Po DRUGIE Foundation.

The project was led by Maciej Wojciechowski (andrzej@cultureshock.pl) and Andrzej Wójcik (maciej@cultureshock.pl).

Photos by Katarzyna Plencler and Marta Pawlaczek.

The Project was co-founded by the City of Warsaw.



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