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Uruchomucho 2012

uruchomuchoOn every Sunday in September in front of the Kordegarda Gallery 9 young bands performed in an event – URUCHOMUCHO. They were talented musicians, who played on a professional level, but did not appear on TV or radio. Their creation included punk and rock influences, electronic music, pop and even folk.


  • The Phantoms / Dog Whistle / Forma 09.09.
  • Baasch / Robodrom / Vermones 16.09.
  • Łagodna Pianka / Skubas / Space Buzz 23.09.

The concerts were accompanied by a debate: “How to navigate through the music market?” led on September 15 in the Kordegarda Gallery.

More about Uruchomucho 2012 on Facebook.

Organiser: Kordegarda Gallery, National Culture Center.
Partners: Culture Shock Foundation, Delikatesy Esencja, Miuki.
Patrons: Aktivist, Hiro.

Culture Shock Foundation was also a partner for the next edition of the event − Uruchomucho 2013.

Kordegarda Gallery
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 15/17
Gallery is led by National Culture Center.

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