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Treasures of the Scarp

logomale"Treasures of the Scarp" was a series of cultural events aimed at increasing knowledge, promoting Warsaw Scarp and encouraging its citizens (but not only) to be locally active.

On the one hand, we wanted people to get to know the Scarp better by organizing events such as guided walks, but also let the Scarp tell something about herself through people associated with her. For this purpose, we documented stories about Warsaw Scarp told by its residents, lovers and users. Thanks to this, we have created its subjective image. We wanted to know what are the "Treasures of the Scarp" from the perspective of researchers, historians, but also the citizens.

Part of the Scarp in Śródmieście District has a rich history of changes that occurred, when the district was transforming from an industrial area to a green corner of the city center. An experienced guide Andrzej Papliński guided us around the area and revealed to us stories of places, that perhaps we pass every day. Within the project there were four walks through the Scarp.

What do you associate with the Scarp?

Our main goal was to create a subjective map of Warsaw Scarp. We wanted inhabitants and individuals associated with the Scarp to provide us with the material. Our four researchers carefully searched the area from Ujazdów to Powiśle in search of stories, memories, urban legends and heroes of Warsaw. Eventually, they were collected in a form of photographs and records of conversations. All the stories and photographs can also be seen on the blog of the project: Skarby Skarpy (Treasures of the Scarp).

The project was topped by the exhibition at the Culture Shock Foundation, during which you could watch souvenirs, photographs (taken by us) and read personal stories collected from the Scarp lovers. At the same time we invited all comers on Christmas Eve on the Scarp.

More about the exhibition: Katarzyna Piądłowska - “Warsaw Scarp and its histories”.

Pictures from walks and Christmas Eve on the Scarp:

Media about us (only in Polish):





The project was co-founded by the City of Warsaw.

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