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Sinful film review

2145021df4dbffa09f254d54a891c0a9For the short films lovers we’ve prepared evening with movies dedicated to Grzegorz Wierzchowski.

What do the flyers eat?
What does the biggest camera which drove on the Polish roads look like?

You can find the answer in films of Grzesiek, who loves playing with form and taking up extraordinary subjects. The review theme should be: how to make movies without money, because each production of Grzesiek was made without it. However, it doesn’t lessen his professionalism, great shots and original texts.

Grzech Wierzchowski screenwriter, director, editor, cinematographer – if he could act he would probably play in his own movies. He says about his passion: “Making movies is like building Lego -great fun, it can take so much time I completely forget about the whole world”. 


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