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Playing Green

268031_176407182420171_4112434_n„Playing Green” was a neighborhood event, that connected elements of design and gardening aimed at villagers from Sadowa, Łomianki. The goal was to integrate Sadowa’s villagers and to create a sense of identity with public space through working on the appearance of the village’s main bus stop and surrounding area.  Project created by Karolina Pluta and Sławek Sendzielski.

There were organised workshops for children, who did not left their hometown for summer vacation. Activities like green design were very interesting for students from the elementary school, who (during the course) were very active, attentively listened to stories about plants and their properties.

The project’s goal was also to integrate the inhabitants of Sadowa and start a discussion on aesthetics in public space. A small group of residents was persuaded, that socio-educational activities concerning public space make sense and are needed.

There was a second edition of the project “Playing Green”. You can read about it here: “Playing Green 2012”.

In a magazine nr 6/2011 there was an article written by authors of the project about “Playing Green”. You can read it here (only in Polish): Mamy ochotę grać w zielone (p. 10).

Pictures by Błażej Sendzielski and Aleksandra Moraczewska.


Partner of the project was Jadwiga and Roman Kobendz Elementary School in Sadowa.

Project realized thanks the County of Łomianki.

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