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Playing Green 2012

DrukowanieFor the second time the „Playing Green” project was held in Sadowa. It was a neighbourly workshop combining elements of design and horticultural activities aimed at residents of Sadowa village in Łomianki municipality.

The aim was to integrate people and create a sense of identity by working together on changing the image of surrounding space. Last time the project ended with the creation of a flower and vegetable garden in primary school in Sadowa. This time, the action began there.

Gardening workshops for students

DSC00766During these gardening workshops students planted vegetables and herbs on a school garden patch. Organizers of the project embodied the idea of eating “from a garden to a table.” Participants realized, that they could enjoy various leisure activities, and more importantly have tangible results of it. Workshops were led by Karolina Pluta and Sławek Sendzielski, here is their report on recent activities:

We met on children’s day to take care of the garden, we pulled some weeds which have grown in the flower beds, we planted herbs – in the middle part of the flower bed now there is basil, thyme, lavender, oregano and rosemary.

The culminating point of Friday’s meeting was gathering the crops – radishes planted a month ago were already beautiful, big, smelling perfectly for a midday snack. That fresh, crisp taste was worth the wait!

Creative recycling workshops

As a part of the project workshops “Design your pot” were held. Participants created pots from recyclable materials: bottles, plastic containers, tin cans. Thanks to these activities organizers of the project hoped to stimulate young people’s artistic sensitivity and encouraged them to organize their free time in a creative way.


Photogram workshops

Activities organised for children from Sadowa were very popular. Photograms obtained thanks to luksography technique found their place in school. Images created during the workshops allowed participants to familiarize them with traditional photographic materials (as opposed to ubiquitous digital photography) and with possibilities of combining nature with artistic activities.

“Playing Green 2012” is a second edition of the project. Here you can read about previous edition: Playing Green.

There were several articles about the project on (only in Polish):

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Partner: Jadwiga and Roman Kobendz Elementary School in Sadowa.


“Playing Green 2012” was co-founded by the County of Łomianki.

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