Picnic on the Scarp 2014

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Picnic on the Scarp 2014

majowkanaskarpiePicnic took place on May 25th in parks and institutions located on Warsaw Scarp on its 8-kilometer part stretched from Żoliborz (Park Żeromskiego) to Mokotów (Królikarnia). It was organized by 28 institutions and houses of culture (that are gathered in a coalition Warsaw Cultural Trail on the Embankment) which prepared 66 different events fitting in one of five thematic tracks: sports and recreation, nature, history, music and visual arts.

Culture Shock Foundation, apart from preparing its own events, was responsible for coordinating and promoting the Picnic. All interested parties − citizens of Warsaw, tourists, young people, seniors, families with children and anyone, who found themself on the Scarp that day had an opportunity to participate in picnics, walks, workshops, fairs, games and more.


Why Warsaw Scarp?

droga kultury na skarpiePicnic on the Scarp is not only leisure, fun, communing with nature and culture. The main purpose of this event was to strengthen the identity of residents of Warsaw around the history, values and role of one of the most characteristic phenomena of Warsaw − Warsaw Scarp. It consists of a green belt that crosses along the entire capital. This phenomenon is unique in European cities. However, the Scarp is rarely recognized as a space running from north to south on the left bank of the Vistula. Therefore,  there is still a need to acquaince residents of Warsaw and tourists with the history, climate and extraordinary possibilities of this place. Some of the picnic events focused on the history, fauna and flora of the Warsaw Scarp.

Picnic was organized by the Warsaw Cultural Trail on the Embankment. The event was coordinated by Culture Shock Foundation, a member of the Warsaw Cultural Trail on the Embankment coalition.

Detailed information about the Picnic, program and map of events can be found here.

More about previous editions of the event: "Picnic on the Scarp 2012" and „Picnic on the Scarp 2013”.

Pictures by Paulina Jędrzejewska.

Patrons: „Gazeta Stołeczna”

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The project was co-founded by the City of Warsaw.


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