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Picnic on the Scarp 2012

majowka 2012 plakat“Have a Picnic” was a project of Culture Shock Foundation implemented within a city-wide event – “Picnic on the Embankment”, which Culture Shock Foundation co-organized with the Warsaw Cultural Trail on the Embankment on 27 May 2012.

During “Have a Picnic” project in various parts of Warsaw Embankment picnic areas operated and held numerous activities. Animators organized creative, culinary and wellness workshops. For those, who needed a break, there were sunbeds and blankets and those, who preferred more active ways of spending time there were badminton and Frisbee tournaments.


Picnic zone 1: Marshall Rydz-Śmigły Park and surroundings

“Wild eating on the Embankment”

organiser: Culture Shock Foundation

marta zablocka marta pawlaczek piknik na skarpie 27 05 2012-2During the workshop, participants were looking for culinary inspiration on a meadow. We encouraged them to look at surrounding plants from a different perspective and become a connoisseur of wild greens. Found specimens of wild edible plants were used later as ingredients in dishes.

A guide across edible meadow was Jodie Baltazar.



Picnic zone 2: Morkie Oko Park

Workshop: Park within the senses

organiser: Culture Shock Foundation

marta zablocka marta pawlaczek piknik na skarpie 27 05 2012-34While walking through the park, members of Performeria Warszawa collective tried to make sure, that everyone would not only see the park, but also felt it through hearing, smell, touch. Thanks to waking up all of the senses, participants could fully experience surrounding them space. This way, they had an opportunity to gain a completely new experience of a place, that (perhaps) they had known for a long time. Contemplative moments were immortalized in pictures.

Workshops were led by: Paweł Ogrodzki and Zosia Wronka.


Picnic zone 3: „Warszawianka” Sport’s Club

Workshop 1: More air on the Scarp

organiser: Culture Shock Foundation

marta zablocka marta pawlaczek piknik na skarpie 27 05 2012-50During the workshop, participants learned proper breathing techniques, that allowed them to exploit the potential of their own breath in the fight against stress and tension and get rid of bad breathing habits. In the work on conscious, full breath were used methods of relaxation, visualizations, body work techniques involving breathing.

The workshop was led in two cycles.

The first part of the cycle led Marzena Rogulska: Proper breathing techniques, breathing through the whole body with the use of visualization methods.
The second part of the cycle led Katarzyna Warowna: Discovering your own natural breathing in motion (exercises for improvisation), conscious breathing in motion (choreography lesson).

Workshop 2: Clothing recycling workshop

organiser: Culture Shock Foundation

Workshop participants had a chance to give their wardrobe a second life. Regardless of whether they wanted to improve clothes, that didn’t fit on them, give them a little style, chic and originality or get out of boredom.

The workshop was led by Beata Bartoszewicz.

Picnic zone 4: Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle Jazdów 2

Workshop: open-air painting

organiser: Culture Shock Foundation

marta zablocka marta pawlaczek piknik na skarpie 27 05 2012-26Lineare Drawing School invited all interested participants, regardless of age or skills to drawing and watercolor workshops. Teachers showed participants principles of drawing in open-air, if necessary advised in the selection of a subject, frame, use of a drawing or watercolor painting technique, composition, color, etc.

The workshop was led by teachers from Lineare Drawing School: Joanna Pętkowska and Minh Dam.



Picnic zone 5: Romuald Traugutt Park

marta zablocka marta pawlaczek piknik na skarpie 27 05 2012-69

organiser: Culture Shock Foundation

attractions: relax zone, Frisbee, workshop

Educational animations of Guinea Pig Help Association.




More information about the event (only in Polish) you can find on:

Warszawska Droga Kultury na Skarpie

Next editions of the Picnic: „Picnic on the Scarp 2013” and „Picnic on the Scarp 2014”.

Picnics and workshops organised by Culture Shock Foundation were realized as a part of the event "Have a picnic with us".

Project was financed by the City of Warsaw.

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