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My City of Dreams

moje miasto_plakat"My City of Dreams" was a series of workshops on modern dance and drama, combining movement, dance, play and theatre, aimed at children aged 9-13 years – students of the Polish Olympians Elementary School nr 323. The workshops took place from 7th to 14th December.

The culmination of workshops was a spectacle.

The aim of the project was to mobilize children and youth for culture activities, develop their imagination, ingenuity and artistic possibilities (by inducing interest in art) and above all, promote dance and theater activity.
The workshops also helped to develop personality and artistic expression, form interpersonal skills (eg.: cooperation, responsibility, solidarity, discipline, openness, communication skills), as well as build a sense of confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance.

Spectacle ending the workshops was an artistic vision of experiencing city space by children spending the summer in Warsaw. The scenic city (which they created) was their imagined playground – the place, where they learn to cooperate with peers, to resolve conflicts, to be independent, often without the company of adults. The spectacle took place on 14th December in the school.

The workshops were lead by two experienced teachers and contemporary dance and drama trainers Katarzyna Warowna and Marzena Roguska.


The project’s partner was the Polish Olympians Elementary School nr 323 in Warsaw.

Project was co-founded by the Educational Office of the City of Warsaw.


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