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Michał Mackiewicz – luminous installations exhibition

527171_272312732881587_772765945_nThe latest works of Michał Mackiewicz are installations that combine painting, graphics, illuminative techniques and music. In the calm space of his paintings there is a place for a breath. Non-obvious statement hidden in the misty grays, soft whites or sunk in deep black leaves room for the imagination. Restrained and seemingly stable compositions are moved by light. Numerous rays and reflections build tension, give discrete dynamics, which attracts attention and provokes eyesight to constant migration. During the opening of the exhibition, in addition to individual realizations by Michał Mackiewicz, it was possible to see an installation “Baltic”, prepared in collaboration with Karolina Wlazło-Malinowska (mapping, animation) and Blażej Malinowski (music). It was a prelude to another series of multimedia landscapes inspired by Polish landscape.

Michał Mackiewicz is an artist working on many levels. He can smoothly and freely combine various means of expression. He carries out a research in the fields of contemporary painting, design, graphics, abstract spatial forms, illuminative techniques and experimental electronic music.

More pictures and information about the artist can be found on Facebook.

More photos from the exhibition and the opening can be found on Culture Shock Foundation's Facebook.

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