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medialab senior ulotka“Medialab Senior” was a four day long, inter-generational, outgoing workshop, during which the participants learned creative cooperation and gained knowledge and skills required to become activists and creators.

The project was dedicated to people over 60 interested in industrial design, public space, websites and also for young people passionate about architecture, design and new technologies.

Three inter-generational groups of 10 people cooperating with the specialists from selected fields were debating how to design: objects and services 60+ friendly, public space regarding the elderly people needs, interface and digital content 60+ friendly.


Medialab SeniorThe aim of the project was to reduce digital exclusion of seniors and minimize the feeling of passivity among elderly people through common development and designing reality. By developing practical solutions for everyday life, workshop participants also sought to increase adaption of seniors to changing conditions of modern world. This resulted in creating 10 interesting projects.

The cooperation of younger and older people on selected problems resulted in a publication containing concrete solutions to issues, which cause the inconvenience in usage of objects, public space and digital content for people over 60.

The workshops were led by:

Paulina Jędrzejewska – she is engaged in free and informal education, new technologies and intergenerational projects. She creates installations in public space, which she regards as a place for building social capital and dialogue. Co-founder of Hedoco, which produces open-source design and fashion. Experienced coach, sociologist, cultural anthropologist, urban activist. Paulina graduated from Group Coaching Study at the TROP School, Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw. She studied Design Management at the Warsaw School of Economics, Gender Studies at Polish Academy of Sciences.

Marcela Kawka – graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She is an industrial and visual communication designer. She is leading a design office – Locomotif Design Studio. Marcela is engaged in designing new market products, corporate identity, supervision of implementation and consulting in the design implementation strategies.

Piotr Celiński – PhD, he is engaged in interdisciplinary media and social communication theories. He teaches subjects as: new media, social and cultural impact of the media, basics of Internet communication, online editor workshop, computer in the work of a journalist, information technologies.

Aleksander Janas – creator of visual frame for spectacles and performances, multimedia installations, large-scale architectural projections. In his works he uses the latest technologies, such as spatial mapping, holography, stereoscopy, combining them with traditional analog visual techniques. Co-founder of collective.

Artur Jerzy Filip – involved in public activities for the development of civic urban projects, like Kwartał Muzyczny or related to the Warsaw Cultural Trail on the Embankment. The partnership built within the second of these projects includes such institutions as: National Museum in Warsaw, Polish Army Museum, Parliament of Poland, University of Warsaw, Chopin Museum, Polish History Museum, Królikarnia, History Meeting House and many others.

We invite you to look through the catalogue about the project (only in Polish):

medialab senior katalog

Photographs by Marta Zabłocka.

More photos can be found on Facebook.

Film from the project:

“Medialab Senior” was co-founded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in terms of the Government Programme in favour of the Social Activity of Elderly People in 2012-2013.


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