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Medialab Junior

medialab junior ulotkaMedialab Junior was a project, that included three different types of workshops aimed at youth. During the workshops, young people, using open source software and new technologies, learnt creative cooperation and gained knowledge and skills necessary to become active creators of culture.

Every workshop series consisted of six three-hour meetings and was conducted by two trainers – a specialist in the technology field and an animator-teacher.

Educational activities realized as a part od this project initiated changes in workshop participants’ behavior (overcoming the barriers, building self-confidence and faith in own abilities) and encouraged them to create cultural content. The workshops also contributed to reducing digital exclusion among young people.

The wrokshops

We encourage you see our workshops’ scenarios and use them with your group (available only in Polish).

Arduino: On this workshop the participants invented and created from scratch their own electronic device.
Workshop scenarios: doc  pdf  odt

Video: Youth learnt how to shoot, edit and publish a movie in the Internet, for free and completely legally.
Workshop scenarios: doc  pdf  odt

Open Street Map: A group of young people created an interactive map of chosen neighbourhood.
Workshop scenarios: doc  pdf  odt

Film realized during Arduino workshops:

"Street life" - film realized during Video workshops

We encourage you to watch pictures on Foundation's blog: Na Skarpie (On the Scarp).

Sharism Junior

On 27 May under Orange Academy Week, Sharism Junior took place – an event in which the participants of all three series shared their experience and knowledge, showed their achievements.

Pictures by Paulina Jędrzejewska, Aleksander Janas and participants of the project.

Full gallery can be found on Facebook.

The projects materials are available under the Creative Commons license Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 Poland (CC BY-SA).

We hope they will be usefull for other organizations, coaches, who run similar projects. Therefore, if our materials prove helpful, we will be eager to known your opinion on them. Mail us:

Partners of the project: ‘Po Drugie’ Fundation helping young people leaving rehabilitation facilities, ‘Heart for Children’association organizing a common room for children and adolescents on Praga and Pedagogy and Social Animation Group Association Praga Północ and Youth Educational Center from Barska, Warsaw.

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"Medialab Junior" was a project realized as a part of a program by Orange Academy.

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