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Culture Shock Gallery was founded in 2012 as a space for art and experimental, cultural activities. It is one of projects undertaken by Culture Shock Foundation.

Culture Shock Gallery is a place for a new approach to the form and new exhibition solutions, contesting the distance between work and recipient. It is a symbolic space, that takes in parentheses institutional approach to art, asking in return, how do we build our identity and attachment to the world of art as well as how do we form our relationships with others, for what do we want to take responsibility, what do we fear and what are we proud of.

The world of a gallery is usually the world of elite, hierarchical and totalitarian, with a large group of people, who are excluded. Our approach is different. Our world is a social world, active, participative and greedy. Culture Shock Gallery is a common space, where people can live together.

The Gallery cooperates with excellent curators: Katarzyna Pabijanek, Kaja Pawełek and Marek Goździewski associated with the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle.

Exhibitions realized by Culture Shock Foundation:

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